The Name Stamp

I didn’t want to get personal business cards when I left LTW to travel, so our wicked senior designer Su Yin, designed a stamp for me to use instead.  The final product is an Inspector stamp that was formerly used by Health Inspectors and Train Conductors of old. We had it made by the appropriately named Cranky Pressman. He's quite nice though really.


It works great on beer coasters, notebooks and other peoples business cards if you're really short on something to use.

Its stuck around as something I use often, and I like it much more than business cards now. I like it so much in fact, that when I decided to move to a responsive web design this year, I knew it was just what I wanted to use.

It also showed up in a similar form on the great one pager that Lee ter Wal helped me put together when I left. You know your company is awesome when they set you up with the tools to find a new gig when you leave.