On Patterns and Dying too soon

Thoughts experiment; what's the most patterned part of your week? This is mine. Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning all look like this:

6:00 Wake up, kick dog out of bed, drive to park and go for a walk.
6:30 Get home, get dressed, eat breakfast with Dora and grab my things.
6:45 Leave house, walk to bus station and ride into the city.
7:15 Get to the gym, get changed, go do my workout and stretch.
8:30 Have a shower, grab a protein shake, walk through Albert park and across town to work.
9:00 Get to work and start my day.

This is exactly how it goes, every time. I also eat the same things for breakfast, wear the same shitty clothes when I walk the dog, drink the same protein shake and do pretty much the same simple workout most days (it's awesome by the way).

The most significant thing about these three hours is that everyday, it passes in an instant. One second my alarm goes off, the next I'm greeting my colleagues. There's probably part of your life that passes like that as well - worst case scenario the majority of your life looks like this and you hardly remember any time passing.

Now think about the most random way you could experience that time period. 3 hours is a long time after all:

6:00 Wake up, drive down to Mission Bay even though it's raining.
6:30 Run along the beach in barefoot, intentionally scaring nonchalant seagulls.
7:00 Jump in the ocean with all your clothes on because you haven't been for a swim in a while
7:30 Go to a cafe that hasn't opened yet and befriend the staff as they arrive - tell an extravagant lie about how you got so wet.
... use your imagination
9:00 Get to work and start my day.

I'm sure there have been days in your lives that have looked as unusual as this. Moments when you realise that the night before feels like a week ago because so many different things have happened.

They say time flies when you're having fun, but I really don't think that's the case. I think the shortest year of your life is the one we're you in the same house with the same job doing the same things week in week out. It sounds like a bore but it really does go quickly. Then think about a year where you move town every three months, settle into a new role, meet new people, navigate a new city, find new clubs - that's a year that feels like it lasts a lifetime.

If you want to live forever I think you've got break the patterns that you live by. Do the little things and walk a different way to work, but try and do some big things as well. That fountain you walk by every day looks alluring. Next time, jump in.

P.S In a few days I'll post a fun exercise on seeing patterns in your on own thinking and a way to practice breaking them

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