Angus Writes

I've decided to post some of my academic writing online for anyone interested.  Having the thesis online as I work on it is kind of experimental, but I'm hoping it will provide some insight into the writing process of a grad student.  The material on this post will be available permanently on a tab at the top: Angus Writes, and will hopefully be expanded on.

Master of Commerce

An Examination of Management Consulting firms as a leadership Industry: A Production of Leadership Perspective

Thesis (Working Document): Here you can watch as my thesis this year develops. It is most definitly in the embryonic phase at the moment; a haphazard structure loosely filled with stolen quotes and jests of futility, enjoy.

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

Conceptualising Leadership in the Context of Mergers: Merging Cultural Leadership and Organisational Culture Theory

Dissertation: The biggest and most challenging thing I have written to date. For those writing a dissertation in management at Auckland University, please feel free to steal the formatting and structure if it suits your topic. It has served me well.

Team analysis and Reflection: Antecedents to Dissolution

Journal: One of the most unique pieces I had to put together in 2008 year. This is a reflective journal that draws upon social loafing theory and connectivity issues in a team environment. Reflective journal writing is a popular assessment form in postgraduate management studies and the University of Auckland and I was really baffled by it so I hope this helps anyone wanting to put one together.