OCI: Week 2

"They projected the population of New Zealand would reach 50 million by the year 2000" "They did that, they're just all sheep, wrong species!" - Darl Kolb to Deb Shephard 
Last Thursdays class continued our conversation around purpose. We started by discussing among ourselves companies that we new well focusing on why the organisation exists, what its purpose was, any meta-purposes the organisation engaged in and any judgement values on these purposes stakeholders may have. This all sounds like a bit much for first thing in the morning, but I enjoyed talking about Ingram Micro in a "we're not that evil" kinda way. After purpose we did a lot of focus on context during this class, we did this by looking at the wider New Zealand context through a talk given by NZ historian James Belich and a case study that deb worked on for Macpac. Though the content was very interesting I felt that there was quite a lot of disconnect between what we were covering and change and innovation, our course themes. It was however of interest to bring in the concept of connectivity, particularly with our relationship with the U.K. The conversation jumped around a bit from New Zealand nationalism, competitive advantage and foreign revolutions:
"We [New Zealand] could take over London; one day every investment banker will just stand up and say: 'we're taking over'"
Our groups were dished out which was good didn't get anyone from the black list and have some people in the group I can count on. Collaboration tools have been set up for document management and everyone is happy to work over email which is good. From what i understand we're working on the development of the ability to measure an individuals connectivity, both social & technical. This looks great despite the idea of one person being connected without the need for other actors. Image Credit: Damien