OCI Week 10: Wrap Up


image credit: spursfan_ace

This Thursday was our last formal class of the year, which I guess means the last class of my degree. Kind of anti-climactic now that I think about it. Regardless, we still have two more classes for presentations of our new media challenge and the group projects we have all been involved with but more on that next week. This Thursday was all about the team work apparently and getting our projects done with a little bit of hand holding, which we probably all need at this stage. I'm disappointed we didn't get any real class time, the readings were quite interesting and there wasn't the token impossible to read article in there so maybe more people would have done them. The basic gist of the articles was talking about how our culture and research has all over valued 'change' and emphasised it as something necessary and glorified. The articles don't disagree with the importance of change but instead stress the need for more research in how companies can create continuity and sustainability. It rings quite true to my dissertation where I talk quite extensively about individuals who maintain organisational cultures as well as those who create and change it. Perhaps there has been an overemphasis on the change elements in the management literature because it focuses on managers in organisations. My observations have always lead me to believe that the continuity of organisations is pursued by individuals distributed throughout the organisation instead of vested in the upper ranks where change is often driven from. Since we're all getting ready to present our New Media challenge next week, I thought I'd share with you some videos about some of the things I would like to say but won't have time to.

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Academic Blogging

This guy has some different ideas to me so I thought I'd put him up. He's talking about blogging as an academic from PhD level and onwards, focusing on many of the challenges you face with transparency but also the great benefits.