Iā€™m Angus Blair.  I used to work at the awesome Lee ter Wal Design but after taking a year long sabbatical to France and doing some work for one of my favorite clients PL Tech, I'm getting back to work here in Auckland for 2013.

I completed my Masters at the University of Auckland in 2009 where I researched leadership and how it is produced culturally. Prior to that I completed my honours degree in Management and Marketing.  I've had extensive involvement in the New Zealand entrepreneurship eco-system: working as a competitor, lead, and judge with Spark; as a consultant to Forbes top 10 incubator The ICEHOUSE and its residents; and on commercialisation, communication strategy and fundraising with numerous start-ups and university spin-outs.

My professional focus for the last few years has been as a marketing consultant for B2B firms in New Zealand and abroad.  This is year I'm looking to make the move from agency to working internally at a firm. 

You can read about what I think on my Blog, see the things I'm reading on Tumblr, follow me on Twitter, connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn, or just send me an E-mail.

This site is hosted on Squarespace and I like to write the content in Markdown. I use a 13" MacBook Pro and live with a pretty lady, and a dog.